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It’s been a long time since we have written something about, since we have resolved your issues, since we have interacted; but if good things come to an end, bad things too. Yes we are back, and in case you

How to Disable Candy Crush Saga Notifications in Facebook in 3 Simple Steps

Candy Crush Saga has been so much popular these days that all the game lovers have tried it one or the other time. I am myself, a gamer too but there are times when I don’t feel like gaming and

Copy File or Folder’s Name, Path or Location with Right Click

Out of many things that I like in Windows, there is one feature that I also like and which is the customization. You can add or remove functionalities into the OS as per your needs. Windows by default has many

Block Browser Annoyances in Chrome with Do Not Disturb

We all love to surf internet but not with several annoyances that we see every day on most websites. Annoyances like pop-ups, pop-unders, and screen overlays like the one asking you to subscribe, or others like video ads etc. While

Yahoo Email to Switch to Basic Email on Old Browser Versions

Yahoo Email is one of the old email services today and is also reliable with its service. While most people like using Gmail for the email service, I like using Yahoo as my email service provider, maybe because I am

How to Enable Google Now Cards on Chrome

The day since Google Now has come to our Android phone, it had made our life easier and simpler. Google Now is one of the best features of Google which I liked as it not only monitors our activities in

Schedule an email to be Sent Later in Gmail with Boomerang

Everyone likes flexibility and when it comes to our work, it makes life easier. All those who work on Outlook, know the importance of scheduling an email message but for those who are working on Gmail with no client, scheduling

Facebook Favorite lets you Save any Facebook Post for Later in Chrome

For all the Facebook fans, who like spending their lot of time on Facebook, it can get real tiring to scan their news feed and imagine you have lots of friends, then you might miss some or other update from

Listen to Automatic Unlimited Youtube Music with MuzicGenie

We all like listening to songs on Youtube as it is a one stop source for all the new songs and even one can find more versions of the same song there. Youtube also provides us with a playlist feature

Google Now Card to tell where you Parked your Car

Google is constantly undergoing improvements and changes. A small change which was done this last Thursday, proved to be a major improvement for almost all of us. Forgetting your car parking location is a common and small thing with most

Dynamically Change your iOS Device Keyboard Color

As I always say, default apps and settings provided in our devices like phone or tablets are too basic and provide no customization which might look pretty boring to people over the time. Same goes with the iOS device keyboards.

Set Custom Sound or Internet Radio as Alarm in your Android Device

We all love when we have lot many options to customize any app we have in our phone or tablets. The apps that we have in our phones by default are not really customizable and thus there is nothing exciting

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