Find out if your Android Device is Vulnerable to Heartbleed Bug

If you have been very active with the tech news these days then you must already know about the recent and high impact bug called as Heartbleed. The bug was detected this Monday by found by researchers from Codenomicon and

Monitor your Computer Habits, Keyboard and Mouse Usage along with Heat Maps

For someone who spends most of his time on the computer in a day, it might be a useful idea to monitor his computing habits by tracking various activities performed. It is, however, little difficult to monitor the activities by

Turn your WiFi On or Off Automatically with Wi-Fi Matic Android App

Our smartphones are so smart that we don’t even need a computer to perform our daily tasks and when combined with the support of WiFi, it can do lot many activities. While using WiFi on the phone is very easy

Today is the Last Day for Official Support of Windows XP

Since you are already aware that April 8, 2014 is the last day for the official support of Windows XP, the users will have no more technical support or updates for their most loved OS. Well what does this mean?

Mute Mic Lets you Mute Microphone on your Android Device

These days our smartphones are very powerful and feature packed that it has got lot many features. The phone is not just a phone, rather it’s a device using which we can also capture moments as photos or videos, record

Spell Check whenever you Type in Windows with tinySpell

It’s always good to have a spell checker so that whenever you type, it can show you your spelling mistakes and also let you know the correct terms. However, it is currently a limited functionality that is being limited to

Convert any Webpage to Print Friendly Doc and PDF in Chrome

Internet is full of information and which is why we all like to surf internet. There are times when we wish to keep that information with us handy in some different format may be a document so that we don’t

Why uninstalling or Disabling Unwanted Plugins is Important?

It’s a known fact that browser plugins makes our task easier which would be difficult to perform otherwise. There are lots and lots of plugins available for every browser out there, it’s just that you have to choose from the

Display your Own Name or any Text on Windows Taskbar

Everyone loves customizing and personalizing our own computers, as it feels really good and helpful. There are lot many ways to change picture backgrounds, audio and some names at various places in Windows however there was no way to write

Silence all Music Apps on your Phone at Specified Time for Pleasant Sleep

I don’t know how many of you are like this but I do like to listen to music every night before going to sleep. Sometime its either on my laptop and other times its on my phone. Listening to my

2 Tools to Find out When Someone Unknown Joins your WiFi Network

These days almost every house have a wifi network, as we have lot many devices like computers, game consoles like Xbox that need to be online all the time. So we can safely say that, almost every house today is

Use Functionalities of Skype and WhatsApp under one App Fuze

Who doesn’t like new and more features and that too in a single app? Well these days, we have lots of apps available however each is made to serve a single sole purpose. If we take the example of Skype,

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