1000th Post

It’s been few months short of 3 years, since we started writing on TS and sharing knowledge with others. We have had a mix journey so far, seen various ups and downs while managing the blog, but still taking time out to share the new and cool info with others while still learning the new stuffs.

Now we have reached another milestone of publishing 1000 articles on various domains like computer problem fixes, info on some useful tools available. This is our 1000th article we are publishing today, and hope of publishing many more in the time to come.

Journey so far:
•    Setup this blog in July 2008.
•    Started writing and sharing knowledge while still learning.
•    Completed with graduation and became an Engineer in 2009.
•    Got a job with Infosys Technologies Ltd in 2009
•    Finding it hard to take time out to manage the blog while in training.
•    Completed the training and got posted to Chandigarh, India in 2010.
•    Regularly updating the blog with the useful info.

The kind of bond that we have is one of the major reasons why I have always continued writing on this blog, apart from sharing knowledge with each other.

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