2 ways to Rotate or Flip Videos Easily

It happens most of the time that we record the videos with the wrong camera position and later realize the mistake. It was the same case with one of our readers who recorded the movie while holding the iPhone camera upside down.

Here are the 2 ways with which you can flip or rotate your Camera recorded (or any) videos in any direction.

Method 1:

Using Windows Movie Maker

I personally like this method more than any other as it is very easy to rotate the videos without using any software for the purpose.


1.    Just import the video file to be edited and drag it to the timeline.

2.    Right click on the video file and choose “Video Effects

3.    Now select the right angle to rotate the video from the list.

4.    Click on Save to My Computer to save the rotated video.

Method 2:

Or just download this free software which can easily rotate or flip a video horizontally, vertically or at some angle.

It can rotate the video clockwise, counter clockwise or at some angle.


2 Replies to “2 ways to Rotate or Flip Videos Easily”

  1. I have a video recording using Cycorder in iPhone. The video file format is .mov and the format is not supported by Windows Movie Maker.

    I also already tried the Method 2, but the software convert the video into .avi format, but not completely convert. The new avi file only 1 KB file size.

    Any advice please..

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