2 Ways to Send Free Self-Destructing Messages

If you ever wished to keep your information that you are sharing with someone, private and be tension free that it will be deleted automatically after some time then yes, we are sharing two ways to send self-destructing messages which are similar and yet different.

Wondered why Snapchat got so famous? Yeah, it lets you share your images with others that you know will not be saved on to the receiver’s phone and can’t be reused. Based on the similar concepts, there are some apps like Telegram that can be used to send texts, images etc.

In case you spend more time on computers, then don’t worry, there are free services that you can use to send self-destructing messages. So no more worrying about sharing some info that you want doesn’t stay long with the receiver. Here are two free services that works similar but in different ways.

1. Privnote


This service lets you write notes and works so simple that after you are done writing, share or email the link with the recipient. The advantage being, the note will self-destroy itself after it is being read, no time duration etc.

2. Destructing Message


The other service is similar that lets you write and generate the link or email, however it also allows you to set specified time period for which the note will stay and after which it will delete itself. The message is limited by time and not the read status.

If these services sound useful, do give them a try.

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