2 Ways to Speed Up Youtube Streaming Videos without Buffering Problems

Well if you like to watch to videos online over Internet but are bored with the slow Internet Connection that lets you wait at the buffering video problems then this post is for you.

Here are two ways with which you don’t have to pause videos for buffering before you can watch them:

1.    SpeedBit Video Accelerator

SpeedBit Video Accelerator makes videos from YouTube and other online video sharing sites to stream videos faster and without buffering problems.

The software is developed by those who created the famous download accelerator tool called Download Accelerator Plus (DAP).

Speedbit Video Accelerator uses multiple connections to download the same video, hence it loads up faster than normal.


2.    Bywifi

Bywifi is a great tool that lets you not only stream videos faster but also download them. Video streamed with Bywifi has been found to be 3-5 times faster than normal video streaming.

Just get it installed in the system and restart to see the videos being buffered faster than before. But if you want more options than hover your mouse over the video.


Do share your experiences.

7 Replies to “2 Ways to Speed Up Youtube Streaming Videos without Buffering Problems”

  1. Hi,

    I am also using it but my experience is not much good in windows 7, with using SVC at youtube or any other … video buffers very fast but when play it automatically pause and play ever after 2 or 3 seconds like the same when the video buffers in normal.

    Tell me the reason please


  2. I have had Speedbit for more than a year, I just recently downloaded their latest version. It has not made any difference in my video viewing speed. I still get pauses and freezes. Any suggestions>

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