3 Alternative Video Players for iPad

Personally I find iPad great for watching videos, but, unfortunately, its standard video player only supports a limited amount of formats and is pretty lame in options either. In this article I am going to review my favorite alternatives to the standard video player of iPad. Hope, you will find them useful at some point. Below are the 3 third-party video players for your iPad you may find handy.

OPlayer HD: a universal music and video player for an iPad!

Price in the AppStore: $4.99

There is a great thematic application for an iPad – OPlayer HD that eliminates all these problems with a standard media player being a universal music and video player for an iPad. OPlayer HD is compatible almost with all video and audio formats, and also allows transferring streaming audio and video files via HTTP.

Using the player is quite simple and convenient. Once you have downloaded and installed OPlayer HD on an iPad, you can via iTunes find, synchronize and add the necessary files from your computer to an iPad for playback. After downloading media files from your computer to an iPad you will be able to watch favorite clips, movies and listen to favorite tracks without additional software, straight via this smart player. OPlayer HD supports almost all popular video and audio formats without conversion like the majority of other iOS video players do.

In addition, OPlayer HD has its own browser through which you can surf the Internet and at the same time play or download video on your iPad.

Flex player – a free video player for an iPad!

Distributed for free in the AppStore

FlexPlayer is an absolutely free video player for iPad that supports video formats such as AVI, DivX, Xvid, VOB, MP4, MOV, etc. with no prior conversion required and by playing such media files on a device without any problems. The application contains no advertisement (and this is a great feature compared to the similar free apps offered in the AppStore) and it does not require any additional purchases.

After the installation of the application, you will need to download a movie on your iPad. To do this, launch iTunes, select your device, go to the program menu and scroll down the page. Choose from the list a file upload and click “add”.

FlexPlayer is a very good and free video player for an iPad, that has only few options to offer, but copes with all standard tasks. The application has an excellent rating in the AppStore and only positive feedback from users. If there were no a small problem with rewinding and a lame full-screen mode, the application would be just perfect. Hopefully, the updates of the application will fix these cons.

Azul Media Player: a multifunctional video player and downloader for an iPad!

Price in the AppStore: $1.99

As for me, Azul Media Player is the best alternative media player for iPad having a wide range of functions, including a password protection, an option to upload files and support of a TV output. The program also supports many media formats and has an appealing and user-friendly interface. Azul Media Player is an application that is ideal for the majority of users. This program will work on an iPhone as well.

The main feature, however, is not an eye-catching design and simple to navigate menu but a possibility of a direct downloading of movies from the Internet. Yes, there is such a function. Open any site (like YouTube) where you can find a direct link to a video, click on it and wait for its download to a smartphone or tablet. After the download has been completed the file will appear in the Media Browser, and will be played without any problems. In addition to this great option, the program is compatible with the most popular formats of subtitles, and users of an iPad 2 can watch videos in 720p resolution.

What do you think?

How did you like my alternative choices to the standard iPad’s video player? Do you have other useful apps with similar or better options to offer? Leave comments because I’m sure you have some thoughts on this post.

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