4 Ways to open .docx Files without Office 2007

.docx is the latest Microsoft Word file extension launched with the release of Office 2007. Though this thing created some problems with the older version of Office but that doesn’t mean that one can’t view docx files in Office 2007 absence.

One can easily convert the .docx files to .doc files with the Office 2007 but here is the list of few methods with which you can view the docx files in case you don’t have the Office 2007 installed in your system.

Method 1:

Microsoft compatibility pack

Those who have earlier versions of Office installed in the system but can’t upgrade to Office 2007 due to some reasons then here is the Microsoft compatibility pack that adds .docx support in Microsoft Word.

Method 2:

Using online docx to doc converters

Those who do not have Office installed in the system can make use of online docx converters that can convert docx files into doc.

Method 3:

Word Viewer

Microsoft has released an application called Word Viewer that can read the docx files though can’t alter them.

Method 4:

OpenXML viewer

Using a plug-in called OpenXML viewer lets us to read all the docx files in the Firefox browser just like a HTML page while retaining all the formatting. Another command-line version of OpenXML viewer is available that can convert docx to html for use in other browsers.

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