4 Windows Tricks You Must Know – Part 2

I have written about some unknown tricks of Windows XP that you should know. In case you missed it, then read it from here.

Here are the next 4 tricks that will benefit you some day.

4 Windows Tricks

1.    Prioritize Important Applications
If you have a habit of running many applications and programs simultaneously then you should know how to prioritize the important ones as prioritizing the programs helps running the important ones unaffected.

Here is how to:

•    Open the task manager (Ctrl + Alt +Del), and go to “Processes” tab to see all the processes running in the computer.

•    Now right click on the desired process and click on “Set Priority” option.

•    Here you can make it run faster.

2.    Make Start Menu Arrive Faster

If your Start Menu is taking some time to appear after you logged in your system then here is how you can make it appear faster

•    Open the registry editor by typing regedit in the Run box.

•    Navigate to the following entry HKEY_CURRENT_USER/ControlPanel/Desktop/MenuShowDelay

•    Change default value from 400 to something lower like 20 or 30.

3.    Place a program permanently in Start Menu

Don’t waste time searching an application from the All Programs in Start Menu; just place it permanently in the Start Menu above the separator line.

•    What you need to do is right click on the exe file of the application.

•    Click on Pin to Start Menu and it will remain there until you remove it.

•    To remove right click on it and select unpin from Start Menu.

4.    Send any file to any place using SendTo

You can send any file to any place with just one click and actually without going to that location.

How to:

•    Just create the shortcut of the location (File -> New -> Shortcut).

•    And place this shortcut file in the following location C:\Documents and Settings\User\SendTo

•    The new location will appear in the right click context menu.

So how many did you know?

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