4 Windows Tricks You Must Know – Part 1

Windows is full of unknown features some of which are known to us but most of them are unexplored. There are many features that I think one should know about so here is a two-phased article that gives you insight about some unknown Windows Tricks.

4 Windows Tricks

1.    Remove Shortcut Arrows from Desktop Icons

•    Open regedit and navigate to the following entry


•    Now just delete the IsShortcut key and restart the computer.

Note: You may backup the registry to be on safe side.

2.    Delete Multiple OS Entries in Boot Screen

If you have multiple copies of XP installed in different drives someday but have removed some of them and are still getting the multiple OS boot menu, then

•    Type cmd in the Run box.

•    Type the following command

bootcfg /delete /id x

where x is the boot option number to be deleted example if you wish to delete 2nd boot option then replace x with 2.

Note: Do not write the actual working boot number as it may prevent the system from booting.

3.    Convert FAT32 to NTFS in Windows

If you wish to convert your Windows FAT32 file system to NTFS then here is the command

•    Open the command prompt (cmd) and type in the following command

convert drive: /fs:ntfs

where drive is your drive letter example convert D: /fs:ntfs which will format your D: drive from FAT to NTFS.

4.    Rename Recycle Bin

Ever wished to change the name of Recycle Bin to something of your choice like the one in Linux “Trash”?

•    Open regedit and navigate to the following entry


•    Open the ShellFolder folder

•    Change the “Attributes” data value from “40 01 00 20” to “50 01 00 20”. Now also double click the “CallForAttributes” entry and give it 0 (zero) value.

Now you can rename the Bin just like any other folder using right click rename option.

If you liked this post then watch out for the upcoming 4 Windows Tricks – Part2

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  1. @Viral Desai
    thanks for pointing, i have updated the post and it is working now. 🙂

  2. the windows tricks r really cool. can u pls give me a solution of my query? Whenever i try to open “regedit” from run i get the following msg: Registry editing has been disabled by your Administrator. I hve also tried rrt.exe. though it is a good App i m able to open my hidden files but not regedit. pls i require a solution for this. By d way u all doing a great job! c u.

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