5 Dos of Using Computer

Everyone wish to protect his computer and extract the best out of it but in order to get the maximum use of the computer one must use it wisely. Following are the 5 Good Computing Habits that would ensure that your system is in the best possible state:

1.    Organize your Folders

It is easy to save a folder/file into the wrong folder or on the desktop especially when we are in hurry but keeping all the files and folder organized helps system be in good touch.

So have a plan, decide for the folders, take some time out and clean your files periodically. Having a cleaning routine would surely maintain your system and would never decrease its performance.

2.    Clean up your hard disk

After organizing the files and folders, it’s time to organize the data. The best programs available for these purposes are the Windows’ default Disk Cleanup and the Disk Defragmenter.

•  Disk Cleanup compresses your old files to free up storage space.
•  Disk Defragmenter scans your hard drive and consolidates files that may be scattered across the disk.

3.    Use System Restore

System Restore is a service that must be active in all the computers as it may be a life saver in most cases. Say for an instance, you have installed a software that has affected your system’s performance then restoring the system to an earlier state would definitely save you.

4.    Keep Windows and Microsoft Office up-to-date

Keeping the OS and the products installed up-to-date with the latest security updates and definitions would protect your system from the unexpected attack and product crashes.

5.    Run antivirus software and a spyware detection and removal tool

Update to the latest definitions of the anti-virus and the malicious programs removal tool will safeguard your system against the day-to-day increasing virus attacks.

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