5 Steps to Protect Your New Computer

You have just bought a new PC and are wondering what you are supposed to do next. Needless to mention you would like to ensure that it remains safe for a longer period of time possible.

Here is the list of steps that you should do to protect your new computer and ensure that it remains as exciting as it is now forever.

1. Install the Security Updates

After that you have installed your Windows into the system, you should download all the available High Priority security updates. Well the chances for Windows Update are low if you have bought the system from a good seller but what’s wrong in at least checking the available updates?

Go to Control Panel -> Automatic Updates and check the option that suits you. It will download the updates and install when you want.

2.    Install all the Security Tools

What’s better than installing the security software to add more security to the system? There are many tools to choose from some free while some not.

Choose your pick and install the good Anti Virus, Anti Malware and Anti Spyware. While you can choose your Anti Virus, I would recommend Mbam as the Anti Malware and Windows Defender as Anti Spyware.

3.    Install the required Programs

Install all the required and necessary software for your use like MS Office, Firefox etc. But remember it is a good practice to remove all those software which are not in use.

4.    Ghost your Drive

Ghosting means to have a backup of everything that your hard drive contains whether it is the installed programs, settings or the data. This will help you when you want to format the computer and re-install Windows. So next time when you want to reload Windows just use your ghost copy.

You can use Norton Ghost or DriveImage XML (a better and small free ghost tool).

5.    Staying Alert always

The last but important step, stay safe and alert always. Never turn off your firewall, always scan the removable media like USB Drive before opening it, take backups at frequent intervals and never install any unknown software.

Following these steps, you can ensure proper safety of your computer. Let me know how you liked the post?

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  1. Always look for an antispyware software that offer real time protection, and anti-rootkit technology. These 2 features are absolutely critical in a top of the line antispyware removal software.

  2. when i install window 98 and fedora 8 some error mess show me what will we do plz guide me.in my computer i have already installed window xp.

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