6 Ways to Customize your Facebook Wall Updates

Facebook is liked by most people all over the globe and each of us like to update the wall regularly, don’t we? But instead of updating the status update in a normal way we can customize our status message in some cool or different form.

Here is the list of 6 different ways that we can use to customize our Facebook update.

1.    Add a Dislike button to the status updates: this is the most missed feature but not anymore, find it here.

2.    Want to know how to schedule your status updates for future, read it here.

3.    Add cool and new emoticons to your updates.

4.    Show some cool symbols in your wall updates.

5.    Get to know how to type inverted updates in Facebook

6.    Update your Facebook status in Pirate language.

So these were the list of the ways using which you can customize your Facebook updates. Got more ways, let us know.

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