Access and Control your Computer by Sending a Twitter Message

Most times we need to access or control our computer from a place away from it then Remote Desktop Connection may be a way but not easy and interesting like this one.

To remotely control from anywhere, our system we just need to send a twitter-message with a special command as its content. Thinking why only Twitter for this purpose? Here’s why, to establish a connection we need to have a local server between the system and our self to overcome the firewalls. Twitter gives a really fast and simple way of communicating. Another advantage of twitter is that the users can even send messages called “tweets” using your mobile phones independent from where they are.

All this is done by a free tool called TweetMyPC which is a little software-application for Windows, written in VB.Net using the .Net-Framework v3.0, which allows you to control and access your computer from anywhere by simply sending a twitter-message with a special command as its content.

For information on how to use the tool, refer the homepage.

Download TweetMyPC

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