Access Blocked Sites

Whether you are a college student, office personnel or anything, if sites like Orkut, Gmail, Youtube, Myspace, Facebook or any other similar site is blocked then you can try following few tips (I am sure one of the tips will come useful for you depending upon the level of which the site is blocked).

The sites are blocked either by their names or by their content. Sites blocked by names are easy to open while those blocked by content are quite difficult to crack.

Here are the tips:

1.    This is the basic step, try suffixing ‘s’ after http: to make it ‘https:’. This will establish a secured connection though images will not be displayed in this but it’s good for viewing textual content.

2.    If the above step fails, try few proxy sites like, and other similar sites. What these sites do is they hide our IP from the server and enables us to access internet on our system. Even they didn’t let the server know that the system is using these sites.

3.    You may also try this step, in the network configuration settings of the internet browser; add an IP and the corresponding port number from the proxy list available from this site. You should first go for IPs with “high anonymity” option. If this don’t work add another and try again, this is a good way to unblock sites.

4.    If the problem still persists, download a program called JAP from here. JAP uses a single static address which is shared by many JAP users and this is the good method to view the sites.

Try the tips and let me know which one came useful to you. You can also leave a comment if you still face the problem.

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  1. Guys, the IT security Department in our Company blocked everything… even on us IT.. I did not install JAP yet.. cause download is blocked also… all sites are blocked.. all links in this page are blocked!!! HELP…

  2. dude nothing is working.. everything is blocked…. I cant download JAP dat is also blocked… HELP !!!!!

  3. hey sme1 plz help me wit blocked sites.. I cant update my antvirus cnt access facebook… cnt download… mail up

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