Access Files from Google Drive even being Offline

We hope that previous articles based on Cloud computing and Google drive must have cleared the picture of online storage services appropriately. In today times, this service will fetch good results for us. We have also discussed about the new Google drive account that offers 5GB space.

Today we are introducing you with a new feature of Google drive. This new feature lets you access your Google drive files even being offline; yeah you read it correct, without any internet connection, that too from any PC. However this feature is still in beta. With this feature you can view and edit all those files that are already stored on your online drive.

If you set up your account’s settings for offline access, you will be able to synchronize and save all the files from Google drive to your computer and to all devices that are connected to your Google Drive. But as we told you that as this feature is still in beta, unfortunately you can’t even view Google presentations, drawings, etc offline.

To use this offline feature go to on your Chrome browser and sign in with your account. Click on the gear icon and from the dropdown menu, select ‘Set up Docs offline’. When you are done with this, now click “Allow offline docs” and then click “Install from Chrome web store” next to the dialog box. Once the installation process is complete, go to your Google drive and you will see that you can access your files even without having internet access.

If you want to have offline access on other computer, you have to follow the same steps on each computer. It is advised that if you are using any public computer or shared computer, then don’t allow the offline feature. If this feature is once enabled, anyone can access your files from that public computer.

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