Add Album Art to MP3 Songs Using WMP

Album Arts are the pictures that the songs display while being played in a music player like Windows media Player and iTunes. The songs and the audio library look really cool especially in our iPods and iPhone.

If you have always wanted to know how to add custom images to the songs as album arts, then here is the info that you need.

Album Art can be added to the songs using many software but we can do the same thing without any software and just using the Windows Media Player. So here is how to do that.


1.    Run the Windows Media Player; add that song to the library (go to Library tab) to which the Album Art has to be added.

2.    If you have already added the song, then just find it in the library.

3.    Now you will see CD case type of image beside the song’s name, just drag the image you wish to add as the Album Art onto this case.

4.    That’s it; the song will have the Album Art and will show the same in every device like iPod and iPhone on its own.

You can also check it as:

1.    Right click on the song name in WMP library and select “Advanced Tag Editor

2.    Go to the Pictures tab.

3.    Here you will see the images added as the Album Art.

4.    You can also add or remove the Album Art from this option.

6 Replies to “Add Album Art to MP3 Songs Using WMP”

  1. Just to let everyone know – This method DOES NOT embed the picture in the mp3 or wma file that is completely wrong. What WMP does is it save a jpeg image in the same folder as the mp3 or wma file but it is hidden so you won’t be able to see it. thus, the mp3/wma file MUST be in the same folder as the hidden picture added by WMP for it to show up anywhere. Plus this method is very incompatible with most mp3 player devices. It’s best to embed images. has a free app and I used it today to auto-tag 865 mp3 files and all artwork was saved inside the mp3 files, not hidden jpegs in the same folder.
    Test what i’ve said, follow the method above then find that mp3 or wma file in your library and then go to (on XP) Tools > ‘Folder Options’ (on vista) Organize > ‘folder and search options’, then click the second tab – then check the tick box that says “Show hidden file and folders” press ok, then look at your song, accompanying near will be a jpeg.

  2. I think that the process is just a little more different on itunes. I use a software that does it for me, much simpler. Check it out!

  3. my question is can we see the album art in mp3 itself in win xp,d way we can see in vista/7 ???? if yes how ??

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