Add any item in Right Click Send To Menu easily

Right click context menu is a great way of choosing one of the many options that an item have like we can have the file sent via Bluetooth or sent to a removable drive without the need of copy and paste, or other options like compressing it etc.

Right click Send To menu is one of the most useful options a file can have. The only concern here is that the send to menu have only limited options which might not always come handy. Well if you want to add an option or any item to this send to menu, you can do this easily.

You can add any item whether file, folder or a network location to the right click send to menu easily with the help of a small tool called SendToSendTo. You might be wondering when you can add any entry to this menu by placing a shortcut manually in the C:\Users\%username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo location then why use this tool?

Well a simple reply would be that why you would want to do all this work manually when you can just right click on an item, and add it from right there to the send to menu. Yes it is that easy and saves a lot of time and effort. All you need to do is just right click on an item, go to send to menu, and click Add Here option, give a name in the dialog box that opens and click Create button.

This will now place a new right click send to option in the send to menu, isn’t that easy? In case you wish to remove it back, you need to visit the above mentioned location or just type shell:sendto in the Run and delete the entry from there.

Download SendToSendTo

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