Add Applications and Folder Shortcuts to Right Click Context Menu

Right Click Context Menu is really an impressive feature in Windows as it gives you direct access to the frequently used options. For example you can instantly change the appearance of your desktop, or can create a folder, arrange icons according to name/size, can even add gadgets on your desktop and do lots more.

In similar way if we could add certain applications or folders that we use frequently in the right click menu, then it could prove to be of great help. You can do so by using some tools and in this post we are going to discuss about one such tool that will help you to add, edit or rename some applications in the right click context menu easily.

The application is known as Right Click Shortcuts Creator that will help you to perform all the above said tasks. With this application you don’t have to search the different locations to find the frequently used applications, files and folders.

The application has user friendly interface that can be used easily. When you will run the app you will find that there are options available to add file/folder, delete and edit shortcuts. All the shortcuts that will be added by you will be shown in the main window of the application. You can easily edit name and path while adding the application.

You can also add items using the right click menu itself. All you have to do is to enable the “Add to Right Click Menu” setting in the Options dialog box under Tools menu. All the applications that you add are arranged alphabetically in the right click context menu. This app is compatible with all versions of Windows.

Download Right Click Shortcuts Creator

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