Add Calculator to the MS Excel Quick Access Ribbon for Instant Access

For all the working professionals out there, here is something that is worth knowing. If you work on computer, and specifically on MS word or Excel you know it is sometimes really useful to use the Windows Computer. Now since we don’t anymore use the old hand held calculator, Windows Calculator remains our primary choice.

While starting the calculator is never difficult, as you just need to press the Windows key with R button to open the Run box and type in Calc to launch the Calculator, do you know that you can also add the Calculator to the MS Excel Quick Access ribbon? Well, till today even I didn’t know that there is a way to place the Calculator icon right on the Excel toolbar for instant access, thus thought of sharing it with you guys.

If you see your MS Excel quick access ribbon (left side on the title bar) you will see there are some icons like Save button, Undo and others, this is where you can place the Calculator icon too. How? Follow the steps below:

• Click the drop down arrow button on the ribbon, to open the menu.


• Now we need to click the More Commands option so that we can choose what all icons we need to place or not.

• In the window that opens, select the option of Commands not in the Ribbon, which will load those icons which are less used and are not placed in the default ribbon.


• Now browse for the Calculator option, select and click the Add button besides so as to add it to the right side of the box.


• When you click the OK button at the bottom, the Calculator icon will be added to your MS Excel Quick Access Toolbar ribbon.


So in order to make those complex calculations, you don’t need to launch the calculator by the Run box, just press this icon and start working on it right away. I tried adding the same to the MS Word, but to my surprise it didn’t have any option for that. If you liked this information, then let your friends also know about it.

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