Add Colors and Effects to your Windows 7 Taskbar

Our Windows 7 taskbar looks little plain as there are not many options to customize it. Would not you want to colorize it with your favourite color and also add some cool effects to it? I am sure you would.

This is a cool application called Taskbar Color Effects, which can not only add some lovely colors to your Windows 7 taskbar but also add certain effects like the transparency or fade effects to it too. There are lot of colors to choose from along with the background and shadow effects.

Configuring this application is easy and since the app resides in the taskbar, you can double click to open it and make the changes anytime. Moreover you can add any image of your choice to this tool and set it as your choice in the taskbar.

By default, this app uses the color and the images that are set but you can add your own images, shadow and effects. You just need to replace the following images with yours according to the location of your taskbar bottom.png, top.png, left.png and right.png. Just ensure that you select the correct image of right dimension and size while adding.

To create shadow effect, create images that fades away at the edges else they will form a solid shadow. Trying this one or two time will surely make you aware on how to configure [via TWC]

Download Taskbar Color Effects

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