Add Colors to your Recent Calls in Call Log with Prime for iPhone

Recent Call Activities also known as Call logs is an important feature of a phone as it helps us to not only record the call activities for certain time but also provides more detail about the call. You can find all the missed, incoming and outgoing calls with their duration here for some period of time depending upon the phone you have. iPhone also records the call log in the Recents tab of the Phone app and displays all the missed calls in Red color.

Color coding can be helpful as by just looking on the display casually you can find out which call you missed and which was received, however the iPhone, by default, shows only a small identification icon next to the number. It would have been great if there was some option of turning the call logs into color coded numbers just like the missed calls.

via ifans
via ifans

Well if you have a jailbroken iPhone then you can achieve this result with the help of a small tweak available in Cydia called as Prime. Prime lets you turn your iPhone call log numbers into color coded numbers for easy recognition of the missed, incoming and outgoing calls.


To be able to use Prime, all you have to do is just download Prime and install it in your iPhone. You don’t need to do any settings to activate Prime as it gets activated automatically. By default, Prime colors the outgoing calls as Green and incoming ones as Blue, and if you don’t like the color coding this way then you have to cope up with it as there is no option to change the color lol.


However there is a color change option in the settings of the Prime app which will only let you change the color of the date displayed besides the number. If you make any changes to the app then you will need to first close the Phone app once and restart it to make the changes come into effect.

The app looks good and comfortable to the eyes and if you liked it too then you can get it for free from Cydia. Prime works on iOS 6 or later firmware.

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