Add Cool Effects to your Video Chats with WebCamEffects

For those who like to travel places either for work or for leisure, communicating with the dear ones can be bit difficult and expensive. The best thing that comes to our rescue here is the video chat which is the cheapest way to communicate to anyone and anywhere. You can make use of any video chat tool like Skype, Google Video, Facebook video chat etc for this purpose.

Moreover if you are video chatting with someone you would not like them to see the cluttered background at your place (this goes especially for the bachelors) :). Also if you feel that video chat is bit boring and want to add some cool effects to the way you look, then you can do that using a tool called WebCamEffects.

WebCamEffects is a free tool that has lots and lots of effects to choose from, from the UI menu. You can select any effect, add it your chat screen and customize the way you look to the other person. Moreover the tool also allows you to record and save the video chat session, and you can also either upload it youtube directly or just save it on your hard disk.

You can customize your chat screen for color, contrast, brightness and other normal features of course but apart from these you can change whole of your look and also the background. With the presets present by default, you can select any preset and change your look completely (as shown in the screenshot).

The application is more of a fun application that can add some cool effects to your chat so that you don’t feel bored again while chatting with some friend of yours. The app is free and is supported on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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