Add Cool Emoticons on your Facebook Chat

If you chat a lot with your Facebook buddies but are bored of the same old and plain looking facebook emoticons then here is a set of some new and cool emoticons that you can use while chatting on the facebook with your friends.

Emoinstaller is a free tool that enables you to choose from hundreds of extra Facebook emoticons to add to your Facebook messages. Emoinstaller integrates into Facebook automatically and lets you choose from a large library of Facebook chat emoticons whilst you chat.

The emoticons are really cool and will surely make you stand out from the others but something to note here is that, your buddy also need to install the same app to be able to see the emoticons used by you.

Just login into the facebook account, install this app and start using the new and cool animated smileys on your chat. The emoticons have multibrowser support and are able to work on browsers like IE, Firefox and Chrome.

Download Emoinstaller

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