Add Custom Search Engine to Firefox

There are many search engines in Firefox by default that includes Google, Yahoo, eBay but what if you want to add your favorite or custom search engine to the browser?

Here are the methods to add different search engines to the Firefox.

1.    To add different renowned search engines

If you want to add different renowned search engines like Omgili, AOL and Ask to the Firefox search engines list then just visit this page and install the required plugin.

There are various others to choose from as well.

2.    To add search engine directly

Say if you wish to add WordPress search engine to Firefox then just visit the search site like this one called WPLookup and click on the search engine listing

and choose “Add WPLookup” to add this search page to the search engine list.

In this way you can directly add any search site to the Firefox.

3.    To add custom search

Go to the following location “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins” and create a new text file and rename it to any name but with .src extension (open it with Notepad to edit).

Now paste the following code in it

<input name=”search_parameter” value=”Value_of_parameter_required_to_carry_out_the_search”>
<input name=”q” user>

•  Change the Name_Of_Search_Engine to your search engine name.

•  Change the URL_Of_Search_Engine_Result_Page to the search url of the site (without the search parameter)

•  In the input field, enter any relevant search parameter in the search url. Leave the <input name=”q” user> as it is.

Restart the Firefox and your search engine would be there.

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  1. Any way to make more than one available in the context menu? i would like to be able to right click on a word or phrase and use ebay or google to search for it. Not at the same time but you get what i mean. i tried to add the extra search to the bottom of the xml file but did work. But hey thats what happens when you dont know what your doing.

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