Add External Folders to SkyDrive easily

SkyDrive is an online storage service. If you have installed SkyDrive application on your system, you must have noticed that it allows you to synchronize the contents of the selected root folder only. Even Dropbox does the same while synchronizing the content from your system.

But now you can use symbolic links or junction points to synchronize the external folders also. If you know how to use the symbolic links, you are not required to configure the software to use a different folder for its data. Exactly what these symbolic links do is that it merges two different folders in one.

Here what we are going to do is that we are going to create a symbolic link that will point to Sky Drive folder which will imitate your external folders in such a way that SkyDrive will believe that its files are stored inside the SkyDrive folder. It will help you to synchronize the external folder’s content easily.

So to create a symbolic link, go to the link below and download Junction Link Magic. It is a program that can do the configuration for you. There are other ways also to create symbolic links but it involves using command line. So in our view using a program for this is a better option.

1. The steps that you have to follow after getting this program are listed below:-

2. Create a blank folder and run the program with administrative privileges

3. Now select the sky drive folder and then further select the folder that you want to synchronize. If everything is ok you will find two tick marks in the window.

4. Then click on Create to create a link between the two folders and accept the confirmation dialog.

Using this program instead of dealing with the command line is a much better option. This program works on all versions of windows. This is the best way of adding external folders to your SkyDrive storage. You can get this program for free from the link below.

Download Junction Link Magic

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