Add “Open with Notepad” Option in Right Click Context Menu

If you have a file that contains some text but is unassociated with any file type in Windows, then what will you do? Most probably, right click on the file and open with a text editor like Notepad.

But why waste time and effort by doing this when you can add the option of Open with Notepad directly inside the right click context menu. This means whenever you right click on any file (whether associated with a file or not), you will see this option.

On selecting this option you will be able to directly open the file with a Notepad but be sure that the file contains text else the contents will not show. Thus adding the Open with Notepad option in the context menu will save you a couple of clicks for sure.


1.    We need to add an entry in the registry HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell

2.    But for that you can use our reg files that have been made only for this purpose.

3.    Download the zip file, extract and double click on the openwithnotepad.reg file to enable this option.

4.    To remove this option back, double click on undo-openwithnotepad.reg

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