Add Scroll to Top/Bottom option to Firefox

In the web market of lot of browsers, I prefer to use Firefox over others but was irritated with this problem that if you are at the bottom of the page and want to go to the top then there was no such option and you were required to pull the scroll bar manually.

Although I like using the browser but this problem was hated by me. For all those who want to install such feature in their browser can make use of the following Firefox Add-on. The extension is called “Scroll to Top/Bottom” and what it does is it adds user interface to the browser for jumping to the top or bottom of the current page.

Rather than right clicking the scroll bar for the options, just right click anywhere on the page to view the context menu and click the desired option. Jumping to either top or to the bottom of the page is easy with this add-on.

The add-on is must have if you usually browse the long pages.

Download Scroll to Top/Bottom

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