Add Search Engines to Right Click Context Menu in Firefox

Few days back, we learned how to add Google Search to the Right Click menu in IE but today we will see how to add any search engine to the right click context menu in Mozilla Firefox.

No more need to open the search engine page and copy paste the term to search it, just highlight the text and right click on it to search it using many engines with just one click. This is a great way to search any selected text while surfing the web pages and I would recommend you to have it as it will make searching terms on Google and other engines simpler.

This task is obtained in Firefox with the use of a plug-in called SearchWith.

SearchWith extension allows you to search selected with various search services. It adds a “Search With” sub menu on the context menu (right-click menu) with a configurable list of search services that can be used to search the highlighted text.

Download SearchWith

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