Add Separator in Explorer Jump List (Windows7)

Jump list introduced in Windows 7 was really a very good feature that takes you right to the documents, pictures, songs, or websites you turn to each day. Jump list can be accessed by right clicking on any program present in the taskbar. This jump list depends entirely on the program.

Like jump list for internet explorer shows the frequently visited websites, jumplist for Windows media player shows the most played media content etc. Jump Lists don’t just show shortcuts to files; sometimes they also provide quick access to commands for things like composing new email messages or playing music.

Usually there are separators present in the jump list of every program. For example, jump list of Mozilla Firefox are divided in pinned, frequent and task. But you don’t get any option to insert separators on your own while pinning files, folders or applications to Windows 7 super bar.

To insert a separator in jump list, create a folder and name it as 36 underscores ‘____________________________________’ (for your convenience you can directly copy the underscore from here only). After creating the folder, open the properties and select customize tab and change the icon of the folder.

Select the blank icon and click OK. Select OK in the Properties dialog box to save the changes. Then drag the folder and drop it to the Windows Explorer icon in taskbar to Pin it. You can drop it to any position to use it as a separator in the Jump List. Those 36 underscores will act as a separator in the jump list (as shown in the first image above)

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