Add Timer Shot feature to iPhone Camera

A cellphone camera is the most convenient camera that one can have at some point of time. Since it is not possible to carry our camera everywhere and all the time, we have to rely on our mobile phone cameras to capture the moment for us. Thus it becomes more important to have a good camera phone that has good range of features in the camera too.

iPhone is a great choice when it comes to clicking a photograph but since it is a simple camera it lacks some features too. For this reasons, we have to install some third party apps in our phones to get all the photo effects and features. What most apps can’t offer is the delay shooting feature called as Timer shot. Wouldn’t it be good if iPhone camera is capable of clicking a timer shot which could come handy in various situations?

Don’t know if there is some app for it already or not, but here is a simple Cydia tweak using which you can install this feature in your iPhone. This cydia app called as CamTime is so simple to use that you just need to enter the time in seconds for which you wish to delay shooting. After you have installed this feature, you will notice a clock icon in the camera app, pressing which you can enter the time to delay the click.

As the time passes, the timer will show the remaining time on the screen which can be halted too, just by pressing the stop button. What I liked more about this app is that it can be used in both clicking a snap and taking a video, giving you more time to adjust your frame and positions.

You just need to visit the Cydia app store, browse for this app called CamTime and install it. Although this app works great on iPhone and iPod, it is incompatible with iPad and neither on locked screen iPhone. You will have to first unlock the iPhone screen to get it working. [via]

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