New Adobe Reader features Digital Signing & Support for EchoSign

Adobe reader is used to open PDF documents. You can find Adobe reader on almost every device, whether it is a desktop, android device or any iOS device. This application is really very useful. And now adobe has brought an update of Adobe reader for Android and iOS.

The two most amazing features that are added in this update are new Ink Signature tool and support for EchoSign. The ink signature tool lets you sign your PDF documents and the support for EchoSign actually allows sending documents to other users for e-signing purposes. Now you don’t have to find any other tools or devices for digital signatures.

There are other noticeable features in this update. Like you can supplement PDF files with sticky notes, link URLs and/or any part of a document to another PDF file that will help you to navigate easily, improved annotation, in-app search, text highlighting, underlining and strikethrough options, and a lot more.

The new digital signature feature will save your time and money both. Now you don’t have to wait to get the document printed then get scanned after signing. Signing the document is very easy, you have to tap anywhere on the screen and just draw your signature on the screen. You can make various adjustments to your signatures such as adjusting the thickness, color, opacity etc.

Now you can highlight the text in the document, sticky notes can be added anywhere, underline or mark the text and share the document using email, Bluetooth etc. This update is really very nice and available for free in the Google play store and the iTunes App Store. Visit the link below and grab it for your device.

Download for android Download for i devices

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