Adobe to discontinue Flash for Mobile Devices

We have been using Flash support in our computers and mobile phones for long now as it helps in loading flash content in our browsers. Content like Youtube or other videos can be best viewed on the browsers having Flash installed.

But recently Adobe had announced that it will discontinue Flash support for mobile devices as it will be solely focussing on the development of HTML5 support. However the company plans to keep updating the current plugins for Android and Blackberry platforms with bug fixes, and it will also keep developing the Flash for computers.

HTML5 is the technology used by Apple in their devices like iPhone and iPad to have the content run in the browsers that require Flash support. Thus it is clear that HTML5 is the technology to look out for in the upcoming mobile devices.

This discontinuation of Flash by Adobe will help the users in the long run. Adobe also recognizes HTML5 as the superior technology and websites still using Flash will likely make the transition, eventually leading to a better browsing experience for the millions of mobile and iOS users.

However there are websites that have already adapted or are based on HTML5 technology like Facebook. Websites like these will have no effect and will continue to provide you the best support. We will have to wait and watch how successful HTML5 comes over Flash in the Mobile devices. [via]

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  1. Nice intro about HTML5, good to know what makes videos to be played directly on fb.Well a terminology called CLOUD COMPUTING was talked a lot before an year or two,but did it really make that much impact? atleast so far?

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