Advance Run Replacement Tool called Executor

Windows default Run tool is a great way to launch an application or a program if you know the shortcut. We can launch many programs from the Run but it still lacks some functionality or can be improved further. Whether this is the case or you just need another Run tool if your Run has been disabled by the virus, here is a replacement tool called Executor.

We have written about the replacement tools earlier including Run but here is another Run replacement tool called Executor that is much advanced and customizable. This is a multipurpose launcher and a more advanced and customizable version of Windows Run. The tool not only includes the Run functionality but can also be used to launch any application through its search feature.


• Auto-completion for keywords, file system and history.

• Url detection, Enter URLs directly (like,, or

• Keyword “find [text]” for using Windows Instant Search (Vista/Win7) feature or Windows Desktop Search (WDS for XP etc.)

• Layout can be customized. Set colors, font, dimensions, position, transparency and more

• Many settings to customize the program as you like

• Can be launched from an user defined hotkey

• Integrated calculator

• Freeware

The tool also has many more features that would make your working experience easier on the system. The tool is a freeware and supports all versions of Windows except the 64 bit versions.

Download Executor

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