Advantages of Custom Installation of Nvidia Drivers in the Computer

Recently I bought a new laptop for myself which had the Nvidia graphics card built-in and since I am interested in gaming too, Nvidia card was what I was looking for. Most of us also have Nvidia card in their machines but do you know that while installing the drivers for Nvidia, we should do a custom installation? Here are the benefits of installing only the custom drivers and how to do that.

First of all, the full package of Nvidia drivers is very heavy and has size of around 180 MB which is because it has many other drivers that are needed by some supported machines (but not all). This package contains drivers such as 3D which are only required if your display supports 3D display.

While installing the drivers most of us just perform a complete installation which is also Recommended by them, but if you observe then there are items that you don’t need. Then instead of consuming the space and installing the drivers that you don’t need, you should perform a custom install and select those items which are required.


So when you are installing the Nvidia drivers in your machine, we would advise you to perform a custom installation. Now it will display the list of items that can be added and removed from the package. If you see the screenshot here, you just need to install the Graphics Driver for your machine, and other items can be excluded as below:

3D Vision Controller Driver: Required only if your machine supports 3D display and not otherwise.
3D Vision Driver: Again, only in case of 3D supported display.
HD Audio Driver: Needed only if you wish to enable audio from video card (can be avoided as we have the audio card specifically in the machine).
NVIDIA Update: You can avoid this install, if you can manually check and update the Nvidia drivers.
NVIDIA PhysX System Software: If you are a gamer and plan to play games on your machine, then let it install else it is of no use in day to day use.

Selecting and installing the drivers manually will help you save lot of space and more importantly, it will only install those items which are needed.

See this link for guide on installing and customizing the Nvidia card.

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