Analyze Amazon Product Reviews before Buying

As we covered in our previous article, that how you can track and monitor amazon prices before buying in case of a price drop, today we have another helpful article based on amazon products. Reviews are any day helpful when you are looking to buy a new product that you don’t know much about. But how trustworthy are those reviews?

These days, companies are spending money in all sorts of advertisement that also includes writing positive reviews. So how would you determine if the review that you are reading is genuine and not fake? Or if it is a paid review or not? Let this free web service called as Fakespot do it for you.

Fakespot is a free online service that can help you in analyzing the fake reviews of any product that is listed in Amazon (this currently includes,,, Based on their algorithms that includes checking for too many reviews posted on same day, reviews by someone who hadn’t bought the product, reviews by someone who had posted fake reviews on other products or repeated words in reviews, Fakespot is here to help.


I tried the service for me and was impressed by the results that generated. We would advise you to use Fakespot as indication of the product to help you decide whether to buy the product or not, and you should not completely trust it. Anyway, a good service to try it out.

Just copy and paste the entire link of the amazon product in Fakespot and let it suggest you. Go ahead, give it a try and let me know if it helped you at all.

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