Analyze Index.dat File with Index.dat Scanner

If you have been using Windows computer for some time now then you must be knowing about this file called Index.dat. Well everyone has seen index.dat file in some or the other folder. Ever wondered what this file is and why is it there in your system? In case not, then here are the details that will help you in understanding it.

What is Index.dat File?

Index.dat is a file present mostly in the OS drive but is mostly hidden. This file is responsible for maintaining an index of your viewed web pages and stores information like internet cache, cookies and history. Index.dat is present in all versions of Windows before Win 8 and syncs this data for IE 9 or earlier.


Thus Index.dat is a file full of your web activity and can be scanned and analyzed too but with the help of some tool only.

How to Scan, Analyze or Read Index.dat file?

Analyzing Index.dat file can yield information about your activity over internet and even if you have tried to delete the internet history, cookies manually, the information might still be present in this file. So it can be useful to scan the file, if you are looking for some information but scanning it is not easy, at least not by default.

For scanning an Index.dat file you definitely need a third party tool like the one mentioned here. This tool is called Index.dat scanner and can be used to scan and read this file easily thereby displaying the useful information.

via Majorgeeks

You just need to run this free tool (no need to install) and browse for the index.dat file. Now when you click the Scan button, it will show the information present in the file on the same window. The freeware works on Windows up till Win 7. Download it from the location at the bottom.

Delete Index.dat File?

If you have tried deleting index.dat file then you know it is not that easy. For this reason also, you need another that can help you. What’s better than CCleaner? Try CCleaner and it will surely delete the file for you.

It is perfectly safe to delete the index.dat file as it will be recreated when the computer boots the next.

Download Index.dat Scanner

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