Analyze your Breath for Alcohol with your Smartphone

We all like to party, don’t us? Every time I go to a party, the first thing that comes to my mind is not to drive back home after getting drunk. Well this is what stops me most times when I am the only person driving back home. We should not drive after drinking as it reduces our response time to activities, thereby increasing chances of accident.

There are times when we drink very little or start feeling sober after long time, it is when we are not sure if we should drive or not. While it is not advised to drive after drinking, there is certain legal limit under which if your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is, you are permitted to drive. Then how shall we determine that limit?

Well almost every one of us have a smartphone these days, so wouldn’t it be useful if there is someway using which we can analyze our breath for alcohol and measure the BAC? Here is a small device called Breathometer that is designed specifically for this purpose.


Breathometer is the next generation breathalyzer that provides an accurate BAC measurement that enables smarter decisions. Breathometer is the World’s First Smartphone Breathalyzer too. The device is small enough to be carried along to a party and can fit into your smaprtphone using the headphone jack.

So next time before driving back home just analyze your breath with Breathometer so that you can be sure enough if you are permitted to drive or not. The Breathometer device connects to your iPhone or Android device via the audio jack. All you need to do is, download the appropriate app for your phone, connect the device and blow into it.


The app is available for both iOS (running iOS 5 or above) and Android users (running OS 4 or above) using which they can get the BAC results instantly.

P.S.: We advise our readers to not drink and drive at all.

The device is still in production right now but you can make your pledge for the specified amount and see the delivery options by visiting the homepage below. [via]

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