Android Apps that Play Youtube Videos in the Background

Youtube is one of the sites that I usually use to pass my time, like when I am cooking or when I am working on something, I usually play my favorite songs on my phone but the problem here is that on the Android phone, the official Youtube app doesn’t support multi tasking which means I can’t run any other app while using Youtube like WhatsApp, facebook or other and even I can’t lock the phone to save some battery.

This means, as long as Youtube is running, the phone stays active and can’t do any other thing. This is kind of a limitation to me, so I have found a solution to this problem which might come handy to you too.

Following are the apps that you can use to play Youtube videos in the background on your Android phone just like any other app.

1. PVSTAR+ (YouTube Music Player)
This is a similar to Youtube app which you can use to perform all the features as on Youtube like search video, play playlist, play videos in background, repeat playback, shuffle playback, tweet video and many other things.


You can give this app a try (link present in the name) and see if it serves your purpose.

2. NextVid – YouTube player
This is also a similar app which you can use to play your videos, playlist and push the playback in the background. The app is free to use and can be used to replace the official Youtube Android app.


Although I didn’t like the interface much, still it should help us to serve our purpose.

3. Youtube Keep Alive
The app for the same purpose of playing the youtube videos, playlists, and using the background playback, however the app displays some ads which might look irritating sometimes.


You can give it a try too and let me know which one suits you the best.

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