Android vs Apple: A Comparison

It’s one of the greatest, most gladiatorial technology struggles of our time. A war of attrition between a cheeky cyborg, that knows all about that embarrassing illness you just searched for the symptoms of and a sleek super brand. A spaghetti western duel between two of the most fearsome gunslingers in computing.

In 2013, anyone with even a passing interest in technology already owns or is thinking about buying a smart phone and with the frankly well-deserved demise of BlackBerry now at an advanced stage, Apple and Android stand as the two key smart phone operating systems on the market.

So if it’s one or the other, which one has the best apps?

image via flickr
image via flickr

There are more fruits in Apple’s orchard…

If you’re all about having access to the biggest possible range of apps then Apple would have to be your best choice – they win in the numbers war by over 150,000 apps, with a whopping choice of 230,000 and counting available to iPhone users. Impressive, but considering the fact that most smart phone users only use a handful of apps on a regular basis, the 70,000 apps available to Android users should really be more than sufficient. It’s quality not quantity, right?

Where’s my widget?

One major drawback of the iPhone which a number of users switching to Android have encountered is that the devices from Apple don’t support the use of widgets on their home screens.

If that all sounds a little alien to you, widgets basically allow apps to operate through a small visual device integrated into a home screen, such as a weather report on your local area or a feed from Twitter or Facebook. Android devices facilitate this particularly handy innovation which allows users to check out the weather, keep up to date with sports scores, check their social media profiles, get a stock market report and much more, just by glancing at their home screen.

Android’s home-made apps are a smash!

Significantly, Android’s creators Google have a major advantage over Apple in one key department: they’re absolutely sensational at making apps. Android provides its users with a range of exquisite apps, made by Google, completely free of charge.

In addition to Google’s great apps, there are also a number of excellent apps such as mermaids millions which are exclusive to Android. The same thing undeniably works both ways, but we must say, we’re siding with Android on this one!

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