Anyone may Access your Google Account Directly from Google Drive

Google drive is a cloud based service that was introduced by Google. Since its launch, it is providing phenomenal services to its users with different features like 5 Gigabytes of free online storage space so that you can synchronize all your local files and data with cloud storage so that you can access all your files online.

By installing Google drive for PC or Mac you can synchronize all your files by dragging and dropping it in the program. The application runs silently in the background and synchronizes all files and folders that are dragged into the Google Drive root folder on the system.

But most of the users must have observed that the files that are hosted on Google drive sometimes have a specific link only. These are like shortcuts that will open the file in the default browser. Like in the image above the documents that are Google Spreadsheets have a file size of 1 KB only.

The actual thing is that, when you click on these links it may take you to the connected Google account and often gives access to all other Google services as well. People may find it an easy and comfortable way as you can access all Google services of the account, including Google Mail, Webmaster Tools, Google Docs or YouTube directly.

But what if some other person is using your local system? He may also access your Google account in the same way if Google Drive is installed and running on the system. He may access your mails, documents etc. present in your Google account.

This problem however is associated with Google drive only, other service asks you to login for the first time you start the service in your browser. The only solution to this problem is that either you do not run Google Drive automatically on your system, or do not use it at all if you think that this is a security issue.

There is no other solution available to this as of now, however we will update you whenever it is.

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