Are you Windows 10 Ready?

It’s about time that your most awaited Windows OS will be launched. After Windows 8.1, and skipping Windows 9 in between, next major release of Windows known as Windows 10 is going to be released tomorrow and interestingly for users running their computers on Windows 8.1, Microsoft is offering a free upgrade.

That’s correct, you heard it right. Free upgrade to all the Windows 8.1 users (of course, who want to) and please note that it is not a trial version. The upgrade is a full home version of the Windows 10, which is scheduled to go live on July 29, 2015. So for all those who registered for their free upgrade, the download will start automatically in the background whenever it is available for you.

The upgrade is around 3 GB in size, and will be downloaded in the backend but will let you know when the upgrade is ready to be installed. Windows 10 has lot of new features lined up and most importantly your personal artificial digital assistant Cortana (just like Siri).

So let’s wait for the release and see what all it got for all of us. I am also registered to receive my upgrade, and looking forward for it. If you are not much aware of the new features of Windows 10, then check out this video that will summarize everything for you [via The Verge]

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