Augmented Reality Glasses from Google

Google has taken a new step in the field of technology. Google has turned the fantasy into reality. Google glasses is the new achievement of the company. These glasses can do everything that a Smartphone does. This gadget is created in order to make our lives more convenient.

These reality glasses are so hi-tech that by wearing on your eyes you can access your e-mails. You can view, upload and share files using this gadget. You can take images as well and can directly share them on social networking websites. It gives you the power of GPS tracking and provides you directions (navigation). You can play games online and watch movies on the go.

These spectacles are very light weighted just like the normal spectacles. These are transparent glasses from which you can actually see through. Processor is in the form of chip present on the right side of the frame. You can perform different task on the move. A video has been released on this gadget which you can see below.

Reality Glasses by Google

There is a microphone on these glasses from which you can give commands. Another way to command is by tapping on the screen of the glasses.  For example when you look up into the sky after wearing it, the glasses will provide you fully fledged weather information. When you are driving and needs a navigator, just speak up loud and it will open up an application to give you directions. It gives you lot more options.

This is some serious breakthrough invention that Google had done over the years. I wonder what adverse effects it will have when you are wearing it. However these glasses are not available publicly, but we would like to know your opinions on this gadget.

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