Aura, the new Windows Manager for Chromebooks

Chromebooks– you must be aware of this term, right? These Chromebooks were introduced by Google to provide a dedicated operating system. We all are not much aware of these machines as we don’t know when it came and where did it go. Google always states that these Chromebooks are neither a laptop nor a computer.

A new chrome OS that includes Aura, has been released recently by the development team. This latest OS is a perfect imitation of Windows that bring many features such as desktop with wallpapers and transitions, taskbar, apps and their icons on the taskbar, etc. along with it.

When you will use it, you will get to know that most of the elements of this OS are very much similar to Windows 7. Even the desktop is exactly the same. You will get the same feeling as if you are working on Windows. Even the taskbar highlights the icon of the application if the application is in use.

According to Chrome engineers, Aura is a hardware-accelerated “user interface framework for Chrome UI” that offers “rich visuals, large-scale animated transitions and effects that can be produced only with the assistance of hardware acceleration”. Aura is cross-platform and should “provide the foundation of a flexible windowing system and shell for Chrome and Chrome OS on a variety of form factors”.

You can add new icons on your taskbar (pin the program on taskbar). The internet explorer application has been replaced by Google Chrome. But Google still says that their OS is different and has lots of new features and UI’s.

Well if you want to find out more about this operating system then visit the link given below.

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