Auto Change your Android PIN to Current Time using TimePIN

Keeping our phone protected from spying eyes is very important and mostly because our phone is not only a calling device rather it keeps lot of personal information about us like our texts, photos, contacts and documents etc. Thus it is the need of everyone to keep it PIN protected.

While there are few other security measures that one can take like pattern unlock, or face detection but PIN is the simplest of all and most supported too. Here is an app (for Android devices) that can enhance the ability of your phone from just entering the same PIN again and again.


The app is called as TimePIN and what it does is it changes the current PIN of your device every minute to the current time. So whenever you go to unlock the phone, you just need to see the time on the top and enter the PIN accordingly. That’s it; you won’t have to worry about someone knowing your PIN as it would have changed by now. Moreover entering a new PIN every time which is easier to remember adds to the security of your phone.

So say if the current time is 9:30 AM, then your PIN will become 0930 whereas if you are using 24 hr format, then your PIN will be 2130 (exactly what’s being shown on the top of your phone). So, it simply means no more remembering the PIN and no more worrying about leaked PIN.


In case someone is aware that you are using TimePIN to protect your phone, in that case this app comes with some modifications too like PIN reversing in which the PIN becomes 0390 instead on 0930, or PIN offset in which you can either add or subtract certain number to the time before entering. However some of these modifiers are not free and are to be purchased.

I think TimePIN is a really cool way to protect and safeguard your personal information in your phone from the spying eyes, without having to remember the pin or worrying about someone already knowing it.

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