AutoDimWithoutLock: Automatically Dim your iPhone after some time without Screen Lock

Although these days our smart phones come with powerful battery to power the device for a long period of time but still most of us are not pleased with their performance. While it also depends on the usage, the fact is that the most of the battery is consumed by your phone display. So that means you should try to minimize the display usage but this does not mean you should always lock your device to save the battery because if your phone has a password lock, then you will be irritated unlocking your device every time.

Here comes the feature of Screen Dimming useful, if your phone has an automatic screen dimmer then you will definitely save more battery. Samsung Galaxy phones have this beautiful feature in built, in which it automatically detects whenever the phone is not in use, it dims the screen.


For the iPhone users, here is an app from the Big Boss repo called as AutoDimWithoutLock which will dim your display screen after set period of time (in seconds). This time will be separate from the Auto Lock feature and will help you dim the screen after that period of inactivity. Moreover you can hide the icons of the Home Screen, which will make the wallpaper look beautiful when the display is dimmed.


The options of the app also allows you to choose if you want the screen to not to dim when on charging, just select the option of “Disable on AC” for this. You can set the time before it dims your screen in seconds under the Dim Delay option. Disable in apps option will allow you to disable this feature when using the apps.

If you liked this app then you can get it for free from your Cydia store, just give it a try and let us know.

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