Automatically Close Selected Programs before Shutdown

We happen to use many applications and programs as our daily routine but sometimes it may happen that the program is minimized and not closed. In this case the program will be running in the background.

Although shutdown causes all the programs to force exit and this may be fine for some programs but what if you have some unsaved documents in the background? Well in this case it is better to use a tool called CloseToQuit.

As the name suggests, CloseToQuit closes all the programs selected before the system shuts down. You can select any number of programs and add to this list, also you can choose a different action to different program like close to one and save to another.

To be able to use this tool you just need to add the program to the list by adding its name and/or change the settings from the tray menu. The tool is free to use and require no installation.

Download CloseToQuit

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