Automatically Confirm/Unconfirm Friend Requests in Facebook

I like spending time on social networking sites especially on Facebook as I like staying in touch with my friends but what I don’t like about these websites is the idea of sharing or revealing our personal information. That is the reason I would never accept the friend request of any person who is unknown to me.

However I know there are all kinds of people, one who like making new friends and accepting friend requests of every other individual they come across, and one who are like me. We tend to make new circles on Facebook and thus receive friend requests too often. For someone who is not active on FB, this number can be huge too which can be burden if you don’t mind adding all of them but still have to go through each of the request.

Thus with the help of the below mentioned userscript called “FB AutoLike Status & AutoConfirm/Unconfirm All Friend Request”, you can automatically not only confirm or unconfirm all the friend request at once but can also like or unlike all the comments, status messages on a page at the moment. To be able to use this script you first need to install Greasemonkey script for firefox or TamperMonkey extension in Chrome.

This script is good if you wish to add all the requests that come your way without worrying about the people being added and if you have no private info to share then this should not be an issue too. The script will place a small widget to the left side on FB which can also be hidden by clicking the small arrow on the widget.

If you are really interested in the script, download it from the link below.

Download FB AutoLike Status & AutoConfirm/Unconfirm All Friend Request

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