Automatically Find Lowest Prices and Shopping Coupons while Shopping

Everyone love shopping and it is the online shopping that I love the most as it offers convenience and ease to the users. But the biggest problem while shopping something online is that each website has its own selling price of a product. Thus to get the best deal we need to spend some time on internet searching the same product on some website that is cheaper as compared to others.

This could take lot of time and in case you wish to apply some promotional coupons to the product, you then need to waste little more time in searching those too. Wouldn’t it be great if there is some shopping assistant that can guide you which site to visit and what coupon to apply to get the best possible deal?

Well here is a browser extension called PriceBlink that automatically scans the internet and provides you with the best possible deal online (and also the shopping coupons) so that you save the maximum of your hard earned money. The extension is free to use and is supported on most browsers including IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

PriceBlink stays hidden whenever you are surfing the internet but whenever you visit any shopping website, it starts fetching the shopping coupons and other offers that can save you money. The coupons changes to the best deal prices offered at other websites whenever you start looking for some specific product. PriceBlink displays all this info on the toolbar of the browser so that you don’t have to go anywhere to find the deals.

PriceBlink automatically scans over 4,000 merchants for lower prices which includes merchants like ebay, amazon,, BestBuy, Gap, Target, Toys’R’Us, Walmart and more. The extension works more like a personal shopping assistant and is really a must have extension in your browser.

However the extension makes the product listing little slower which is expected, as it first scans the best deal on the internet.

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