Automatically Hibernate or StandBy Computer after Reboot

What would you do if you want your computer to go on Hibernation or standby automatically after the movie you are downloading is completed? Well there is not much you can, so you will have to sit back and do it manually.

This is a simple tool called Boot Snooze with which you can schedule your system to either go on hibernation or on standby automatically right after the system restart. Using the tool is fairly simple and easily customizable too.

How Boot Snooze works:

The tool will

1. Give you a choice to reboot and go into standby or hibernation.

2. It will then reboot your computer.

3. After the reboot, a small dialog with a countdown timer will begin.

4. After the timer is up, your computer will be put into the mode you chose.

Note: For hibernation to work, it should be already enabled from the Control Panel of your system (Control Panel -> Power Options -> Hibernate tab).

The tool can also log in for you automatically if you provide your login credentials in the settings. The tool is easily customizable and can be used easily.

Download Boot Snooze

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