Automatically Manage Computer Power and Shutdown with SleepWalker

I have a habit of using my laptop for internet and social sites like Facebook before falling asleep. For all those who are like me and uses their computer for either watching movies, using internet etc before falling asleep, might see their system running the next day too when they wake up from the sleep. This had happened to me and can happen with you too.

Well to overcome this situation we have lots of automatic computer shutdown tools in the market, some of which we have already reviewed but here is another one called SleepWalker which have some little different features to help us. This small yet powerful tool can help us in getting our computer in any of the set power saving modes like hibernation, standby etc to curb that extra consumed useless power unit.

Apart from turning the computer Off, switching to hibernation, standby and other modes it can also fire up the screensaver, run a file of your choice, or merely log you off. SleepWalker is so small and user-friendly that it can be easily copied on a flash drive, and then moved from computer to computer. Moreover in case your system is hung, it can force shut it down too.

You can either get the computer change mode automatically or can create hotkeys of your choice to get this done manually. When selected to work automatically, the tool can schedule the actions and events on that actions at any selected time. This can be done on a regularly basis too, like daily, monthly, hourly etc. The tool also has password protection for added security.

Apart from these actions, it can be used to clean temp files too and that again, automatically. You can customize the tool in your own way as well. The Idle Shutdown feature of the tool turns the computer off when there is no user activity for some specified time.

You can download this power packed tool from the location below.

Download SleepWalker

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